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Thanks to the circular economy cities do not only become more sustainable but also more resilient. A high population density is what makes cities breeding grounds for innovation and entrepreneurship. In a city, materials, residual waste streams, energy and information can be easily exchanged. Cities are the perfect testing grounds for new circular solutions. That way, current challenges such as climate pressure, (social) inclusion and local employment, congestion, et cetera can be tackled.

The circular city combines, among other things, circular area development and a circular building stock, sharing platforms, local maintenance and repair facilities, short (food) chains and better (multimodal) transport solutions.

Are you ready to become a circular city and generate prosperity and economic resilience for your citizens without this value creation leading to more consumption of finite resources?

Do you want to know if the circular economy can be of profit to you as a region and what impact it may have on employment, economic growth, air quality, et cetera?

Do you want to make substantiated choices on your actions within the broad domain of the circular economy? Do you want to establish your circular vision and translate it into concrete goals and a plan of action? Do you want to verify how this compares to the current or future climate plan for your city? Do you want to measure your progress in terms of the circular economy and provide insights into its effects?

Do you want to found your purchase policy systematically on the principles of the circular economy or do you want to make your facility management more sustainable?

Do you want to make your city a testing ground for circular construction?

Do you want to stimulate engagement with your employees, with public and private players and with your city’s citizens?

Do you want to establish how digital technology can help you realise your circular goals?

Do you want to increase the sustainability of your urban logistics?

Together we establish how the circular economy can help address the challenges of your city and region. Through realistic experiments we pave the way for the practical implementation of the circular city: future-proof, robust and innovative.

  Circular impact analysis

We take stock of the opportunities for a circular economy in your city by means of, among other things, a material flow analysis. In collaboration with our strategic partners, VITO and CO2Logic, we calculate the impact of the implementation of a circular economy in your region on an economic level (employment, competitiveness, et cetera) as well as on an ecological level (CO2 emissions, et cetera).

  Circular purchasing

We help your purchasers integrate circularity (choosing reusable, bio-based or biodegradable materials, using products instead of buying them, sharing product with other organisations, et cetera) in the buying and tender processes. We examine if adjustments need to be made to the existing rules to make circular purchases possible.

  Circular scan & score card

We help you finetune your circular vision. Together we examine how you, as urban policy makers, can stimulate circularity and sustainability with entrepreneurs, investors, visitors and inhabitants. Furthermore, we look at how you can overcome obstacles for a circular economy on an urban level, for instance with reference to legislation and the regulatory process. Subsequently, we translate that circular vision into concrete goals and a plan of implementation with attention to prioritisation and stakeholder management. We also develop the support tools you need to regularly measure the effectiveness of your city in its transition from linear to circular models.

  Circular construction & sustainable building management

Should you want to renovate or build in a circular manner, we can guide you through the tender process. We help integrate realistic ambitions regarding the use of sustainable materials and recycling. We also examine how you can direct your efforts to change-oriented and demountable construction as well as to innovative business models whereby the ownership of materials remains with the producer. We help you involve local start-ups in the circular tender process and we research the possibilities for circular financing. We examine how you can optimise the use of your building stock. We map the entire patrimony and make suggestions for an optimal (multi)functional application.

  Data in service of circular solutions

When implementing circular solutions (whether it concerns waste stream analysis, circular buying and building or product sharing) it is crucial to consider which data you need to extract where and how to make this information accessible for the users/citizens. Together we explore how you can provide the necessary data infrastructure and information so that your city’s citizens, organisations and companies can truly realize their circular behaviour and models.

  Sustainable intra-city transport of goods

We analyse on a strategic level how you can take advantage of the emergence of mobility services (a form of collaborative economy through which the emphasis shifts from owning to using means of transportation) and electrical means of transportation to reshape the transport of goods within your city. We also help you to take tangible steps on an executive level. Think of the optimisation and improvement of sustainability of the last mile, of the smart concentration of drops, et cetera.

  Inner city collaboration

Only through the collaboration of local governments, citizens, large and small companies, et cetera is a circular economy possible. We help you create an atmosphere of collaboration in your city. We examine how to effectively manage stakeholders, how to provide the right physical and digital meeting places, how to stimulate co-creation experiments and so on.

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