Advanced analytics in maintenance

How can an advanced analytics platform be used to empower shop floor workers to enable autonomous maintenance?

The surge in data processing power allows already captured data to be used to support a TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) approach. If applied right, data can be brought to the shop floor to enable the most important pilar of TPM: autonomous maintenance.

In this webinar on 27 March 2018 at 10 AM, we will host an interactive dialogue on how data scientists can work with the operators and the engineering staff to build alternative maintenance plans based on data and the collective knowledge of the entire team. Philippe Mack (CEO and owner at PEPITe) and Momar Tall (Industrial Strategy Director at Möbius) will discuss how an advanced analytics platform can be used to empower shop floor workers and share from their experience.

  • How to find bring advanced analytics to the shop floor?
  • How to set alerts and enable autonomous maintenance?
  • What kind of skills does this require from operators?
  • What maturity does it require from your maintenance organization?


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