How can innovative organizations strenghten their social capital?

Organizations are only as good as the people in it.

‘PeopleAre Our Most Important Assets’

The human aspect is high on the agenda in many organizations: organizations are only as good as the group of people working together. Valorizing, optimizing, organizing and developing this valuable social capital is a major challenge.

How can we make our organizations workable while employees can develop their responsibilities? How can we give autonomy to teams and individuals and to evolve as an organization in the right direction? How do we structure our governance and our decision-making processes in such a way as to strengthen this autonomy? And how does this contribute to the psychosocial well-being of our employees?

During this seminar Jurgen Foré and Lies Deweer (Möbius) will discuss how a smooth organizational model can help you and testify about a number of do’s and don’ts when introducing an innovative organizational model. Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof will then, as an expert in health psychology (psychodiagnostics, trauma, stress and burnout), explain how an organization can motivate, make and grow its employees on an individual level.

We would like to invite you to exchange thoughts on this subject during lunch before the seminar.

We look forward to welcoming you!


13.00Welcome and introductionJürgen Foré, Partner Möbius
13.15Do's and don'ts of an innovative organization modelJürgen Foré and Lies Deweer, Expert Social Capital Möbius
14.00KeynoteProf. Dr. Elke Van Hoof, Clinic psychologist with specialisation in psychodiagnostics, trauma, stress and burnout
15.00Interactive Q&Amoderated by Elke Van Hoof, Jürgen Foré and Lies Deweer
15.30Networking reception
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