Process Improvement & Operational Excellence Summit

'Preparing well for the future' - An organization of Corporate Parity in partnership with Möbius.

In today’s rapidly changing global environment, every company and business leaders are faced with daily challenges of optimizing their performance through continuous improvement, quality assurance, and operational excellence. What are the methodologies and tools that are right for your organization to inspire a lasting cultural change? What are some of the lessons learned from top industry leaders who strived towards transformation from inside out? Learn how to identify, create and select the best approach in meeting your organizational needs in this three-day event. The Summit will comprise of case study presentations from business leaders, dynamic panel discussions, interactive sessions and workshops.

On day three of this Summit, our Knowledge Leader Operational Excellence Gert Linthout, will facilitate a workshop about ‘how to make the invisible visible and loose less’. How can you manage to look beyond the visible wastes? How can you assess your organization to get full insight on your real maturity level and full growth potential, to make behavior visible and to set up the right systems and processes to drive ownership. These are a selection of the topics Gert will discuss.

You can find more information about this Summit by clicking this on this link.