Shingo Discover Excellence Training

Countless organizations have, at one time or another, started a lean journey. Most leaders quickly experience that lean tools such as 5S or six sigma will not necessarily result in a sustainable change. Research even shows that only 10% of lean implementations are sustainable and have continuously in creasing results.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful effort lies in the ability of an organization to ingrain timeless and universal principles into its culture, rather than in a superficial implementation of tools and programs.

Möbius is happy to invite you to an interactive two-day training program that will really help you understand how ideal behavior empowers your organization to reach sustainable results. Using the Shingo Model and Guiding Principles, you will learn how to fill the gaps in your efforts towards sustainable results and enterprise excellence.

Price for the full program is 1.250€ excl VAT (including gemba visit, lunch and course materials).

Looking forward to your participation!


25/04Shingo IntroductionOn the first day you will be trained in the Shingo Model, the Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence and the Guiding Principles. We will finish the day with a practical case study that will integrate all learnings of the day.
26/04Gemba Walk at Colruyt Group (Halle)On the second day, lessons learned from the first day will be put into practice! You will learn how to organize a gemba visit (Go & Observe), what questions to ask and how to make a correct analysis of the observed behavior versus the ideal behavior.
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