Strategy and management in the public sector

What is a performance measurement system? How can I steer daily on strategy? How do I put my policy into action? How do we measure impact and what is ‘causal noise on my outcome indicators’? Why do we all understand something different here and do we sometimes speak a different language? What is a paradigm shift and what can this mean for me and my organization? What is the role of the government manager in all of this?

Do these questions also keep you awake? Or would you like to exchange thoughts about how you design your policy, strategy, organization and follow-up in the most optimal way? This theme is also up to date with the approaching legislative changes!

Together with Prof. Dr. Nathalie Vallet from the University of Antwerp and Prof. dr. Dr. Ir. Hendrik Vanmaele, CEO of Möbius, we would like to invite you to exchange ideas and be inspired. We view the subject both through academic glasses and from daily practice.

Target group: Everyone who works in the public sector and is interested in this subject is welcome to this lunch & learn.


12.00Walking lunch
13.15Welcome by Prof. Dr. Ir. Hendrik Vanmaele, CEO Möbius
13.30Strategy and management confronted with practical examples by Steven Bauwens, public sector expert at Möbius
14.30Prof. Dr. Nathalie Vallet (University of Antwerp) gives her academic reflection complemented by experiences from the professional field.
15.30Interactive workshop
16.00Networking reception
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