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Cracking car glass service

Carglass wanted to embed its customer delight strategy: offering a superior customer service.

Strategic challenge

Carglass wants to embed its customer delight strategy: offering a superior customer service through:

  • Identifying crucial parameters that result in excellent service.
  • Arranging the internal organization and processes in such a way that the customer is delighted.


Delight down to the workplace

Together with Carglass, Möbius examined which parameters are required to make each contact (telephone, branch visit, home repair, … ) a special experience.

Clever methodology

These parameters led to a checklist with which mystery shoppers regularly screen the service of Carglass staff. The scores are followed up attentively. The mystery shoppers are given prior training, including a training video.

To measure = to know

Operational processes are continually adjusted on the basis of the satisfaction scores, for the mobile mechanics as well as in the service centers. This research turns out to be pre-eminently useful for monitoring the quality of the mobile mechanics who work independently off the premises.


The cooperation between Carglass and Möbius has led to noticeable, measurable results:

  • An excellent customer service, that exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • The results of the mystery research remain the basis of specific action plans.

Aiming for a wow-effect is the best marketing campaign you can imagine.

Ronny Van den Driesch, Audit & Vehicle Manager

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