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To gain a complete picture of a hotel experience, a detailed customer journey was developed together with hotel owners and Tourisme Vlaanderen.

Strategic challenge

Toerisme Vlaanderen wants to develop a quality system to chart the quality of hotels in Flanders and to increase the satisfaction of hotel guests. The following challenges were defined here:

  • Gain insight into the requirements and expectations of tourists with regard to hotels in Flanders.
  • Chart how these requirements vary according to the purpose of the trip (leisure, business, etc.), nationality (NL, FR, DE, SP, etc.) and profile (families, couples, etc.).
  • Develop a usable standardised instrument to evaluate hotel quality in Flanders.
  • Provide concrete working points to hotels that enable further quality optimization.


Develop customer journey

To gain a complete picture of a hotel experience, a detailed customer journey was developed together with hotel owners and Tourisme Vlaanderen.

Customer survey

A large-scale survey was then carried out among hotel guests to obtain insight into the requirements/wishes during the various phases of the customer journey. The sample questioned was drawn up in a representative manner, taking account of the different reasons for travelling, nationalities and profiles of hotel guests.

Develop quality system

Based on the results of this customer survey a quality system was then developed in which the function and content of three instruments was worked out:

  • Self-assessment
  • Customer survey
  • Mystery visits

Using these instruments the hoteliers can check how well they are performing in respect of the most important requirements of their target group, can benchmark themselves with regard to other hotels and improve their service continuously.

Carry out mystery visits

Möbius is currently responsible for rolling out this quality system by carrying out mystery visits at hoteliers.


  • Insight into the main requirements of hotel guests and how these differ between the existing segments.
  • Develop function and content of quality system that enables the charting of hotel quality in Flanders.
  • Practical and usable mystery visit reports that enable hoteliers to optimise quality in their hotel.

Last year Toerisme Vlaanderen conceived the plan to improve the quality of the hotels in Flanders and in this way increase guest satisfaction. An ambitious plan so we needed to look for a suitable partner to help develop it. Möbius is our partner in this participative process. Together with us they set out the basis of our project, which is now known as the Quality Radar. They work very structured, are creative and help us to make the Quality Radar an interesting user-friendly instrument.

Jan Van Praet, Department head Expertise & Quality
Toerisme Vlaanderen

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